When it comes to wedding suits, whether it is for just yourself or for your groomsmen too, the most important thing to determine before you even look at any fabrics is a theme that you will be going for. Choosing a  theme is crucial for making sure that you and your partner, as well as the rest of the wedding party, all complement each other.

Incorporating a vest into the outfit will certainly impress the even the biggest fashionista in the room. The style of vest is entirely up to what the wearer feels comfortable with and can range from a formal single breasted to a more casual, low-cut double breasted.

In general wedding shirts are a nice, crisp white symbolic of class and elegance, However the same effect can be achieved with other colours complementing a well tailored suit

Whether it be a traditional suit, something bold and out there, a tuxedo or anything in between, following the above guidelines coupled with our expertise will guarantee to have you looking better than you imagined on your wedding day.