R&H Custom began with a vision to deliver high quality, bespoke suits at an affordable price to the everyday man, whilst not compromising on the quality of service delivered with it.

Through our extensive market research and personal experience, we found quality-made suits at an affordable price range were limited within the Australian market. Customers were forced to compromise between an off-the-rack suit, a made to measure product or a suit that lacks the quality of a finely crafted garment. We understand the importance of having a quality bespoke suit for when the occasion calls. To fill this void for consumers, R&H Custom was born.

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a tailor made, custom suit that has been carefully designed by yourself, but also delivering with it an unparalleled level of service that will leave you feeling at ease with your choice. We will spend sufficient time with each individual to fully understand what they are looking for in a suit to ensure we tailor the perfect piece.

At R&H Custom we are guided by the key principles of Fit, Comfort, Quality and Durability when creating a suit.

These are values we do not compromise in any instance. We ensure they are exhibited through the entire suit making process; from the initial fabric cutting to your tailored measurements to the hand stitching that ensures the curvatures and lines are preserved for the life of your final product. Every suit produced by R&H Custom is hand-crafted to ensure that the basic principles are preserved. This means that no two suits are left the same.