This is generally the most formal of dress codes and requires everyone to go back to their basics. For men, this means a classic tuxedo with a black bow-tie and shiny black shoes. If you prefer to take it a step further, you can always procure a cummerbund and pleated shirt along with satin strips on the pants.

A  clean cut vest to go with the tuxedo will take it to the next level. Generally with peaked bottoms, whether you opt for the single or double breasted look, either are sure to add that little bit extra to an already classy ensemble.

Rule of thumb is black everything. This includes any buttons or accessories other than a pocket square which should be nothing but white in order to compliment the attire whilst also not straying away from its classic roots. A more modern take is to have elements of white with the black, but never any other colour.

A warm weather variation is to swap the black jacket out for an ivory or off white colour. The lapels can be either black or white depending on the wearers’ preference. It is recommended that a darker pocket square is used to complement the light jacket.