R&H Custom began with a vision to deliver high quality, bespoke suits at an affordable price to the everyday man, whilst not comprising on the quality of service delivered with it.

At R&H Custom we are guided by the key principles of Fit, Comfort, Quality and Durability when creating a suit.

Our process

A personalised, end-to-end, bespoke process leaving every client at ease with their choice in both craftsmanship and service. From customisations to personal fittings, R&H Custom will cover it all.

Our Services

Personalised Service

R&H Custom takes pride in both product and service. We consider ourselves suit consultants that are there to assist you in perfecting your style as opposed to sales people leaving you with a transactional experience. Therefore, personalisation lies at the core of our service.

Why Custom Made?

The definition of a ‘custom made suit’ is one that is specifically constructed for an individual by hand based on their own unique measurements. The suit is crafted from the very beginning with the tailor’s hand-cutting individual patterns as a base on which to construct the suit, measured to your specifications. The entire process is manual and the suit is hand-crafted to ensure that the correct level of care, effort, and thought goes into the final product.