The definition of a β€˜custom made suit’ is one that is specifically constructed for an individual by hand based on their own unique measurements. The suit is crafted from the very beginning with the tailor’s hand-cutting individual patterns as a base on which to construct the suit, measured to your specifications. The entire process is manual and the suit is hand-crafted to ensure that the correct level of care, effort, and thought goes into the final product.

At R&H Custom we pride ourselves on the fact that our suits are truly custom and individually hand-crafted every time. Our suit are not cut by machines or are a part of an automated process for an off-the-rack product. Our masterful tailors create a unique suit every time in a price range that everyone can be happy with, from students to senior executives.

Due to the manual process, our tailors can make detailed adjustments and tweaks based on your body type that would not be possible in a made-to-measure of an off-the-rack product.

So, if you have arms that are little longer or shoulders that are broader, or if you are just generally imperfect in that delightful human way like the rest of us, then anything but a custom made suit will leave you wanting.

It’s a defining moment, when you first try on something that was made with just you in mind: your quirks, your habits, your being. So why not experience the feeling and we guarantee you will never want your suits made any other way.