When venturing into the world of tailored clothing, specifically when it comes to suits, the choices of patterns, textures, materials and other small variations can seem extremely overwhelming. A bold windowpane suits can seem a bit much for day to day wear for some, whereas for others it still isn’t quite loud enough for a big occasion. One thing that most people can agree with however, is that no matter where your taste currently lies within the fabric spectrum, the staple suits that most forged their humble beginnings from tend to be navy, gray or black.

The Versatile Navy

It’s safe to say that in this day and age, the navy suit has replaced black as the most essential colour to have in one’s wardrobe. Loved by first time suit wearers as well as corporate professionals, as the title suggest, a navy suit is the most versatile suit that a man can own.

Since any complexion is able to pull off the navy colour, it is also one of the safest colours to own as the shirt, tie and belt/shoes combinations give you endless amounts of versatility and fashion freedom. This gives anyone the choice of being subtle or loud without having to own multiple suits.

Whether it be work, job interviews, weddings, nights out or any other formal occasion, you can be certain that a well-tailored navy suit will never look amiss.

The Classic Black

Whilst not being as versatile as the navy, the classic black suit is still a must in any gentlemen’s wardrobe for when the occasion calls. It is a timeless piece that works at any occasion, although it is a common misconception that black is only used for formal events.

To pull off a black suit however, it is vital that it is specifically tailored to your body. Ensuring that the cuts of the suit hug the contours of the body will prevent you from looking like you’ve stepped out of the early 2000’s

Whether it is a casual dinner, wedding, or black-tie event, a well-tapered black suit will have you looking sharper than your shaving razor and ensure stand out from the crowd.

The Essential Gray

Gray offers a little bit of versatility in terms of shades that you can choose depending on the occasion that you’re dressing for. A light gray suit is definitely more of a spring/summer time suit that you would wear to the races or on a Friday so you still look neat at after work drinks. A darker gray however tilts more towards a formal look, such as job interviews or everyday office wear and even weddings.

Pairing combinations are quite easy to assemble as light or bright colours help to accentuate the darker grays, whilst inversely darker shirts and ties work well with the lighter shades of gray. Again, the versatility allows you to try an array of outfits without having to own multiple suits.

Offering almost as much freedom as the navy, a gray suit is most certainly a must in any wardrobe as a year round staple suit.