Whilst you may not wear a suit all the time, a lot of people are wearing shirts on a daily basis. Whether it be for work, a formal event or even just a casual night out, there’s no denying that a shirt is a comfortable yet neat fashion choice that won’t lead you astray.

But with all the versatility offered by shirts, one of the most criticised facts about them is the generic shapes and sizes that they come in. We often hear our friends talk about how only one particular brand fits them “just right” and they can’t by any other shirt. This severely limits the choices one has in terms of fabric, pattern and style.

Given our affinity for custom made products, it only made sense that our shirts follow the same concept as our suits. We want to ensure that the fabric drapes and accents your body as opposed to giving it a blocky and box-like silhouette. Our tailors hand cut the fabrics to follow the contours of your body to ensure that the desired look is achieved. From the main body, to the yoke and all the way down to the sleeves, meticulous care is taken to ensure that everything works in synergy. A single need stitch applied 24 times per inch means that the shirt not only retains a tight seam, but that the stitching also blends into the shirt perfectly.

With the style and customization entirely up to the customer, you can choose to either make it more fitted for day-to-day work, or design a looser fitting shirt to throw over a T –shirt for a night out. The power is entirely in your hands so you no longer have to settle for sleeves that are too short or long, shoulders that are far too big or not big enough, or a fit that is either constrictive or so loose it almost looks like you’re wearing robes.