As we approach the warmer part of the year, the festivities really tend to ramp up. Whilst we’re always to look our sharpest, a heavy wool suit can be quite cumbersome, no matter how well wool is able to regulate temperature. As times have progressed, a vast array of alternatives have come out to counter this conundrum. Ranging from the LeBron James shorts-suit to just downright dressing in a t-shirt and regular shorts, none have come to be as effective as linen attire.

Being an extremely lightweight and breathable fabric, a low thread count linen suit will ensure that you aren’t swimming in your own sweat when you’re supposed to be looking at the top of your game. The wrinkle of the fabric along with the multitude of colour options allows you to be as formal or as casual as you like. A full suit option with a tie is just as possible as a linen blazer paired with cotton chinos. Whilst the occasion will dictate the attire, linen will be the element that ensures your comfort.

Linen also possesses a durable structural profile with the colours fading considerably less than other fabrics. Whilst the wrinkles will always be present, if you learn to embrace them, they really bring the magic of a linen suit together.

In summary, we encourage our clients to be a little bold and plunge into something new such as a linen blazer or suit. The comfort that the fabric will provide you during warm days coupled with how well the fabric has been accepted in society means that the endless combinations you’re able to create will have you looking like you’re not only at the top of your game, but also one step ahead of it. Come check out the new linen collection at R&H Custom today !