There’s no need to explain the difference between Made to Measure (MTM) suit and an off-the-rack item. An outfit that has been created while taking your measurements into account is always going to fit better than something that has been generically designed and mass produced.

But what about a suit that takes the subtle imperfections of your body into account ? A suit that has been designed not only to your measurements but also your posture, shoulder slope, body outline and overall shape. It makes sense then that the fit on a suit like that would ensure that there are no fabric wrinkles, no excess material and would truly fit like a glove.

These are the subtle differences between a machine-cut MTM suit and a hand-made bespoke suit. While a MTM suit is simply the alteration of a pre-made pattern to accommodate to your size, bespoke suits are designed with every little detail in mind. It’s not fair to assume that everyone’s shoulders or posture is exactly the same. Some people have one arm or leg longer than the other, while others have uneven shoulders. A fully bespoke service will ensure that these small details are incorporated into the design of your suit. While some places may claim to be bespoke, unless they are hand making their products, it’s not a completely bespoke service.

With the extra care and attention to detail required to create a hand-made suit, there is generally a higher price tag that comes with it. Just the work hours alone can be 4 times as much in a bespoke suit compared to a MTM product! Because of this, we often find people settling for a MTM suit because it fits better than something off the rack.
At R&H Custom, however, we’ve combined the best of both worlds. We offer a truly hand-made service where each individual piece is hand-cut and constructed based on your body, coupled with an affordable price to offer the experience to everyone in the market.