There has been much said about the best fabric for a suit. Some want pure wool without regard to the thread count while others rely solely on thread count without really taking into account the suit composition. Both play a vital role in determining how your suit will sit and feel but one does not trump the other.

Wool is the most versatile fabric that you can get in terms of breathability, look and feel. Polyester suits may look nicer but will not be as breathable or comfortable to the touch. This is why a lot of people swear by pure wool suits. Whilst this is fine, anything under a 100 thread count will feel too bulky and anything over a 130 thread count is going to be too fine to wear on a regular basis without it deteriorating quickly. This ultimately leaves you with a very limited range in which to pick a desired colour and pattern.

At R&H, not only do we have a large and diverse selection of pure wool offerings, we also have mid-to-high percentage wool blends. Due to the blend factor we are able to offer these selections at a much higher thread count so you don’t have to compromise on the feel of a quality suit or durability by venturing into the high thread count range. As a result, these ranges can be a lot more affordable and still used for any occasion.

With our vast selection of durable fabrics that are easy on the wallet, whether you’re looking for a high quality formal suit, or something more aligned to everyday wear, there is little doubt that we can find something to suit your needs.