Suits are regarded as an investment because they fulfill a multitude of purposes during their lifetime. From weddings and engagements to interviews and corporate functions, a suit is always going to be a statement piece that you want looking its best to ensure that you’re looking your best. That is why proper suit care is imperative when it comes to longevity and getting the most out of your suits.

Most people think that dry cleaning would be the best way to go due to the sheer convenience factor and the fact that it is “dry”. However there are a lot of chemicals used in this process, which in turn can harm the fabric of the suit and ultimately reduce its lifespan. There are some stains and odours that can’t be removed by any method other than dry cleaning so it still plays an important part in maintaining your suit. However, dry cleaning should always be seen as a last resort – not the first option.

Instead of dry cleaning, there are small precautionary measures that you can take to ensure that you get the full life out of your suit. Regular use of a lint roller or a soft fabric brush with natural bristles will assist in removing dirt and other particles your suit naturally accumulates throughout the course of a day. If left unremoved, they can start tearing into the fabric and significantly reduce the lifespan of the suit.

It is also recommended that a suit is regularly steam ironed to remove any odours and light stains. A steamer would be the best tool as it prevents direct contact of high heat on to the suit. Steaming also takes out any wrinkles that build up in the suit and keep it looking as fresh as possible.

Storage and rest periods are also vital in ensuring that your suit is not overused. Suits should be stored upright to allow the fabric to breathe and air out, whilst also preventing further wrinkles from forming. A sturdy wooden hanger helps maintain the natural shape and drape of the suit and should be used at all times. Suits should also be rotated on a regular basis to ensure that the natural fibres have enough time to recover from a days wear. This basically means that you shouldn’t wear the same suit two days in a row, and definitely shouldn’t wear the same suit multiple days in a row.

By following the abovementioned steps, you can rest assured that your suit will be fresh and sharp for as long as possible.